What It Is

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality enables users to interact with virtual objects and other kinds of digital information that are overlaid upon real world surroundings. AR augments reality, but doesn’t replace it. 

With the release of iOS 12, AR experiences are now possible within mobile web browsers. Up until this release, a third party app was required to unlock AR. Now, Meredith is able to deliver AR experiences to targeted users across our owned and operated sites, via ad units, 3D models and animation, and even 3D portals.

Why It Matters


of smartphone users interact with AR on a monthly basis


years of AR playtime are tallied on Snapchat daily

Meredith Offerings

Meredith launched LIFE AR in 2017, and has since created experiences that activate digital content in the physical world, employing the use of print, video, graphics, 3D models and animation – all of which bring us closer to the consumer than ever before.

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