What It Is

Connected Living

Connected Living refers to the broad range of smart devices available to streamline and simplify daily activity, from the home to the car. 

Connected Homes use a wireless network to add convenience and safety features in-home, such as monitoring and controlling environmental conditions, entertainment, security, lighting and temperature.

Connected Cars are able to connect to the internet and communicate data and media to and from the vehicle while in transit. Connected Cars provide information about safety, navigation, infotainment, diagnostics and efficiency.

Why It Matters


“things” will be connected to the internet by 2020


estimated value of the connected home market by 2020


of homes will be “connected” by 2022


of cars will be “connected” by 2022

Meredith Offerings

Meredith is working closely with tech and manufacturing partners to integrate our premium content into Connected Homes, Cars and Appliances. Did you know…

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