What It Is

Shopper Marketing

Shopper Marketing, the discipline of driving growth by improving shopping experiences for consumers, is undergoing rapid transformations as online commerce massively disrupts physical retail. These changes have created new opportunities for brands and retailers to reach shoppers at critical junctures in the browsing and buying processes.

Why It Matters


average growth rate for all e-commerce through 2020


average growth rate for grocery e-commerce through 2020

Meredith Offerings

Get on the list. Get in the basket. Get on the plate. Meredith is uniquely able to serve “omni-channel” shoppers with hyper-local, hyper-targeted ad units at scale — online or via mobile. These enhanced shopping units provide real value to consumers and supercharged, actionable analytics for advertising partners. Meredith Shopper Marketing products target by:

  • Recipe Ingredient
  • Category
  • Search Term or Brand
  • Retailer Location
  •