What It Is

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality allows a user to experience a simulated scenario within a visually immersive environment. VR creates an illusion of reality which completely replaces the user’s actual surroundings. VR experiences can be realistic, via 360 video, or fantastical, via computer-generated imagery (CGI).

Why It Matters

$40.4 billion

projected market for VR software and hardware by 2020

82 million

VR headsets expected to be in use by 2020

Meredith Offerings

In 2016, we revived the 82-year-old LIFE brand to serve as the umbrella for our virtual and augmented reality content, allowing us to revolutionize storytelling into multisensory, cross-platform experiences. Meredith leverages this technology to exceed the desires of our consumers and the objectives of our marketing partners.

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