What It Is

Voice Assistants

Voice Assistants use artificial intelligence, machine learning and voice recognition to aid and complete tasks for users. While still in the adoption phase, ignoring voice risks loss of a key consumer and marketing channel.

Voice experiences are divided into two core functions:

  • Linear: Users prompt a static audio experience such as a daily news update or podcast.
    • Amazon Alexa “Flash Briefing”
    • Google Assistant “Narrative News”
  • Interactive: Users ask questions and are delivered answers, based on search engine results or by linking directly to third party experiences (such as booking a reservation or ordering a car service).
    • Amazon Alexa “Skill”
    • Google Assistant “Action”

Why It Matters


of US households will own a voice assistant by 2020


of total consumer “search” activity will be handled by voice assistants by 2020

Meredith Offerings

People Flash Briefing

Tune in every weekday morning to hear PEOPLE Now’s Jeremy Parsons and Andrea Boehlke deliver the news, covering everything from celebrity news and pop culture to crime and human interest stories.

Entertainment Weekly “Must List” Skill

Bring the best in entertainment home through EW’s new skill. Users can ask the most trusted source in entertainment for TV and movie recaps, recommendations, and expert opinions from our editors.

Allrecipes Skill

Offering home cooks the convenience of hands-free access to our vast collection of recipes, to match desired dish type, available on-hand ingredients, maximum cooking time, and/or preferred cooking method.

“Balance by Health” Skill

A perfect pairing of health and wellness, bringing to bare mindfulness activities and challenges in an actionable way for our consumers. Content features a mix of health, wellness, fitness and food.